Long-Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Why Choose Us?

We have a commitment to excellence and have an experienced team of claims professionals that are able to adjudicate and manage your LTD claims from inception through conclusion. CompOne has a proven comprehensive medical update process, return to work program, and denial/appeal process. We utilize the resources of Nurse Case Managers and Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants to meet our objectives.

Integrity – Flexibility – Collaboration

CompOne’s commitment to excellence. We will adjudicate and manage your claims within your LTD Benefit Plan. CompOne has the ability to work within your specific disability program, or design a program to meet and fit your needs and process objectives.


Review and assess medical documentation and determine if it supports the disability criteria.

Medical Case Management

Review open LTD claims for continued eligibility. Secure medical updates from treating physicians to determine if the employee continues to meet the plan criteria for continued eligibility.

Expert Independent Medical Evaluations

CompOne uses a panel of experts within a variety of specialties. We retain these experts to perform independent medical evaluations. Each physician is capable of providing an expert opinion and commentary on disability, treatment, work abilities and bring clarity to outstanding medical issues. These experts can also perform a peer to peer review with the treating physician.

Nurse Case Managers

CompOne will assign a Nurse Case Manager (NCM) to assist in the management of the LTD claim, when necessary. NCMs bring a special expertise to the management of a case. The NCM is able to attend office visits with the employee and physician to discuss ongoing treatment, alternative treatment options and return to work potential. The NCM is also able to obtain clarity on certain specific medical issues that are not clear.

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants perform Vocational Assessments, Transferable Skills Analysis and Labor Market Surveys. The Vocational Consultant has the ability to design an individual return to work plan, working with the employee and others, to return the employee to gainful employment.

Return To Work

CompOne has the ability to work within your current program or develop a Return To Work (RTW) program for you.

Long Term Disability Appeal Panel

CompOne has a panel of LTD experts that are able to evaluate any case that has been denied for LTD and then challenged by the employee. CompOne is able to work within your process and timeframes or developed or assist you with the development of an appeal process for your LTD program.



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