Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability

Why Choose Us?

CompOne has the ability to design a Short-Term Disability (STD) management program to fit your needs, or take over your existing program. We have a commitment to excellence and will adjudicate and manage your claims within your STD Benefit Plan criteria. Our experienced team of claims professionals are able to process your STD claims from inception and see the case through to a successful conclusion and return to work.


Included in this process CompOne has the capability to perform the following:

  • Intake (call center)
  • Triage – assign the case to the appropriate claims handler
  • Nurses and Claims Adjusters managing your STD cases
  • Short Term Disability approval process
  • Short-Term Disability denial process
  • Direct communication with your management team
  • Monitor the medical progress of the STD recipient
  • Identify appropriate disability timeframes
  • Return to work confirmation and reporting directly with employee and management team
  • Assess early return to work through coordination of limited restricted return to work
  • Arrange and assess Independent Medical Examinations including 2nd and 3rd opinions with qualified medical experts
  • Maintain claims notes monitoring the progression of the case
  • Develop reports
  • Design and provide Executive Summary report
  • Assist with transitioning STD claim to Long-Term Disability



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