Who We Are

Our Staff

CompOne’s employees are qualified professionals who pride themselves on being workers’ compensation and short and long term disability specialists. We realize that your company has unique needs – what works for one organization may not work for yours. Let us customize an insurance program based on your needs today while offering the flexibility to grow with you.


The question becomes “who sets the standards?” At CompOne we think the answer is easy…the customer. It isn’t enough to meet our own internal standards. True quality isn’t achieved until we exceed our customers’ standards.


It’s doing things right the first time—on time—with accuracy and consistency. At CompOne, we strive to understand our clients’ business objectives and incorporate them into our own work product.


At CompOne we talk face-to-face with our customers about their issues. Information can be passed in many forms, but communication comes from a familiarity that is achieved with time and effort.


At CompOne we concentrate on accurately identifying and adequately meeting our customer’s expectations.  We pride ourselves in taking the time to ask and paying close attention to each individual client’s needs.

Mission Statement

Employees and Customers are our strongest assets to build upon. We believe that our real business is solving problems in an ethical manner while demonstrating integrity. We know that our success is due to the fact that we are aggressive and self-confident in our quest to grow our organization and meet our competitors head on. We believe in providing great customer service and that profits are a means and measure for our continued success. We treat everyone with respect, honesty, and fairness. We will not allow cynicism to interfere with our focus on our customers.



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