Liability Claims Management Focused on Early Resolution

CompOne’s experience and supporting technology allows us to provide exceptional Auto and General Liability claims management for our clients across the U.S. Our approach to auto and general services focuses on early claims resolutions. Our team of experts in auto and general liability management is highly qualified and ready to meet the needs of our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

CompOne views itself as an extension of our clients’ staff and will serve to administer auto and general liability claims as such. We understand the responsibility required when defending Auto and General Liability claims on behalf of our clients. What makes us different from other auto and general liability management companies is the depth of internal resources we have to assist in the process. Our auto and general services are uniquely positioned to bring liability claims management resolution that is swift and efficient.

Access to Expertise for Your Auto & General Claims:

In-house auto and general specialists include Board Certified Medical Directors, Licensed Nurses, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Independent Medical Evaluations, and Billing Analysts.

In addition to auto and general liability management, CompOne’s claims resolutions experts are very familiar with the litigation process and have experience in preparing for deposition, mediation or trial. Our auto and general claims resolution specialists will be available to provide expert testimony, strategy, case preparation and other in person meetings.

Key specializations include:

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Public Entity

  • Transportation (Auto & General)

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