Our Integrated Compensation Claims Management

CompOne’s integrated approach to workers’ compensation management brings together all of the jurisdictional, clinical, return to work and settlement expertise required to provide successful compensation claims solutions for your business.

Our Workers’ Compensation Claims Program includes:

  • Highly experienced compensation claims professionals, with low staff turnover.

  • A compensation claims account manager who knows your company culture and claims philosophy, in order to provide organizations with proper workers’ compensation management.

  • Best-in-class online claim system that provides real-time adjuster notes, as well as detailed and ad-hoc reporting.

Key Components Of Our Workers’ Compensation Claims Solutions

  • Three-point contact within 24 hours

  • A thorough workers’ compensations claim investigation takes place immediately upon knowledge of the claim

  • Reserves are calculated based upon know facts within 30 days, and reviewed every 60 days after

  • File documentation streamlined with industry leading online claims management system

  • Regular file supervision conducted by Claims Supervisors and VP of Claims

  • Annual workers’ compensation claim audits performed by Excess Carriers and independent auditing firm

  • Each claims case is initially evaluated for possible subrogation

  • Frequent activity checks

  • Management of Second Injury Fund recoveries and reimbursements

  • Reviews and tracks each claim staying in compliance with Excess Reporting guidelines

  • Streamlined CMS Reporting

  • Medical and Disability Management ensuring the injured worker is receiving the appropriate care and treatment

  • Partnership approach on litigated cases, working closes with client defense counsel and client representative to formulate a strategy to successfully bring the compensation claims case to timely resolution

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