Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation

The CompOne Difference

At CompOne, we believe that the relationship between you and your claims team is the foundation for the success of your program. We have a team of highly qualified individuals ready to service your needs.

We strive to understand the unique aspects of your business. CompOne works in conjunction with you to mitigate losses as quickly and effectively as possible.

CompOne has high expectations and standards. We expect quality product and follow through. Together, we establish specific instructions for your account. The claims team will adhere to Best Practices, adjudicate claims, and maintain fiscal responsibility of every claim. Our experienced claims team will exceed your expectations.


  • Contacts: 3-point contact on lost time claim within 24 hours
  • Investigations: A thorough investigation takes place immediately upon knowledge of the claim
  • Reserves: Reserves are calculated based upon the known facts within 30 days, and reviewed every 60 days thereafter
  • Diary: Specific system reminders are set for state filings on all claims. Additional reminders are established based upon the facts of the case
  • File Documentation: Discussions regarding a claim, notes, phone conversations, and documentation are stored electronically or in a paper file. A Plan of Action is posted quarterly
  • File Supervision: Periodic file reviews and audits will be conducted by the Claims Manager or Quality Assurance Manager on a quarterly basis. Round table discussions will be conducted on all complex cases
  • Subrogation: Each case is initially evaluated for possible third party subrogation. If warranted, an on-site evaluation will be conducted as soon as possible to secure evidence. CompOne will send lien letters and follow the case through completion
  • Activity Checks: Each claim is reviewed by the Claims Administrator at least every 6 months, with in person activity checks performed when necessary, based on the facts of the claim
  • Second Injury Fund: CompOne files and tracks all Second Injury Fund recoveries and reimbursements
  • Excess Reporting: CompOne reviews and tracks each claim for Excess Reporting based on the terms of the Excess Carriers Reporting Requirements
  • CMS Reporting: CompOne is the Responsible Reporting Agent for all Self-Insured clients we have a current contract with.
  • Medical and Disability Management: Primary objective is to see that the injured worker is receiving the appropriate care and treatment. Medical Case Management referrals are made with client approval.
  • Litigation Management: CompOne advocates the partnership approach to claims handling for litigated cases. The claims administrator will work in a partnership with the client defense counsel and the client representative to discuss investigation, potential settlement value, and strategy to successfully bring the case to timely resolution.



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