Seamless Service

AbsencePlus integrates all disability programs – short-term and long-term, insured or self-insured, to fit your needs, and provide seamless service to you and your ill/injured employees, regardless of the duration of their disability.

Industry-Leading Software

Our industry-leading disability claims software allows us to manage disability claims efficiently and securely, to deliver superior service and results. Our best-in-class software solution is fully integrated and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and can offer salary continuance benefit processing.

Simple Integrations

To better facilitate an employee’s recovery and timely return to work, this service can be integrated with our Family Medical Leave and Workers’ Compensation programs.

Short-Term & Long-Term Disability

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability claims will be reviewed and processed within the parameters of your disability plan. Our experienced claim professionals will monitor the medical received in accordance with the Official Disability Guidelines and continually assess for return to work potential. Adjudication will be timely and the employee and employer will be notified of the claim determination.

Smooth & Streamlined Experience

AbsencePlus offers a multitude of ways to coordinate with your carrier on a fully insured disability plan. From inclusion of disability specific forms, to push notifications and read only system access, AbsencePlus ensures a smooth and streamlined disability claim experience.

Get Started with on-site or telephonic Nurse Case Management

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